Our Services

MoveCorp provides three key service lines all pertaining to

the development of a new or refurbished facility. Each service line is lead by a team of seriously great & experienced project managers. 

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Relocation Project

Management Relocation

Change Management

Going to Agile Planning

Going Paperless Programs Contractor Management

Communications Programs

Logistics Planning

Zero Down Time

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Occupancy Management

The Changing Workplace Australia
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Block and Stack Development
Occupancy & Portfolio Management
Agile Work Environment Management Storage and

Asset Management

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Logistics - Storage andWarehouse Planning

Specialised Storage Solutions

Materials Workflow Planning

Materials Handling

Warehouse Planning

Off Site Storage Planning

Records Management Planning

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As two of our core company values, Flexibility and Innovation shine through in our diverse portfolio of completed work. We enjoy a new challenge and pride ourselves on staying at the cutting edge of the latest technology and trends in automation. We work across a variety of industries including: