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Relocation Management

Whether you’re moving 20 staff or 2,000, whether you’re simply moving desks to a different floor or have fragile, scientific, or other sensitive items to relocate, MoveCorp has the expertise to make the transition a smooth one.


Although we are not removalists, our team is often engaged to independently and transparently procure and manage this service.

MoveCorp utilises a tried and tested, robust yet flexible methodology to plan and execute successful relocations every day. We plan the logistics and engage with your staff to deliver your relocation project as a positive experience for everyone.

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Change Management

MoveCorp’s Change Management services range from initial support and guidance to internal HR or Communications teams right through to workplace-wide delivery of change management programs.

When an organisation is dealing with major changes, it can be an opportunity to introduce new technologies or more streamlined operational practices. Relocations, for example, often involve organisational, cultural and behavioural change as well as the complex logistics and planning required for the physical transition.

MoveCorp’s proven processes ensure that these changes - and all associated communications, training and responsibilities - are managed in a structured and well-planned way.  We will partner with your internal change, communications or training teams, or, work directly with your staff, to deliver a well-targeted effective staff communications and engagement program to ensure everyone is kept informed.

As we help prepare your staff for new ways of working, we ensure that the vision and benefits of the change are achieved.

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Paper Independence Programs

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Transitioning to a paper-light or paperless work environment can bring great improvements in efficiency by making it quick and easy for people to share information, and reduces costly office storage requirements.

MoveCorp provides advice on Document and Records Management, Integrated Document Management Systems, File Audits and Storage Hardware Surveys.

We provide a strategic assessment of your document creation, flow, storage and access requirements, by collecting accurate data and holding discussions with relevant staff.

Your tailored paper independence program will meet your organisation’s unique requirements, maximise storage efficiency and provide cost savings by reducing filing needs.

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