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University of NSW - National Centre in HIV Epidemiology Clinical Research

This project involved the relocations of 110 staff from the NCHECR facility in the suburb of Darlinghurst to a number of sites at the The University of New South Wales Randwick campus, the suburb of Coogee and within the Victor Chang Centre at the Garvan Institute in Darlinghurst.

MoveCorp’s success in planning and managing these relocations resulted in its appointment to manage the ‘double decant’ process to relocate 60 staff back into the newly refurbished Centre for Immunology, part of the St Vincent’s Hospital complex in Darlinghurst.

MoveCorp’s services included the detailed scheduling and management of furniture to be re-used while ensuring workable solutions were provided for sites with limited access. MoveCorp managed the independent tendering process for all removalist and IT removalist contractors to deliver the provision of the best value services for the project office.  


MoveCorp was instrumental in the Cohlear Global Headquarters relocation to Macquarie University.  Movecorp successfully relocated Cochlear’s 1000 staff and significantly complex laboratory environments from 2 separate sites in Sydney’s Lane Cove West into their purpose-built ‘Hearing Hub’ located in Macquarie University’s North Ryde campus. 

This relocation represented significant corporate change as it unified staff based in head office with those in Cochlear’s R&D, testing, manufacturing, distribution and warehouse departments. In addition to our relocation planning services, MoveCorp developed a communications strategy to inspire employees about their new global head quarters which is the only integrated research-manufacture-distribute facility in Australia.   

MoveCorp services encompassed:

  • Relocation Strategy

  • Relocation Logistics

  • Relocation Communications

  • Coordination of all third party vendors 

  • Delivery project management

  • Document Management and Storage Solutions 

Victorian Comprehensive Cancer Centre (VCCC) - Parkville PPP

MoveCorp was a major contributor to the success of the relocation of the Peter McCallum Cancer Hospital, its associated Research Laboratories and the University of Melbourne into the new, $1 billion Victorian Comprehensive Cancer Centre in Parkville.


At PPP stage, the Plenary Group Consortia engaged MoveCorp to determine the relocation strategy, risks and program; MoveCorp’s contribution led to significant reductions in cost, risk and duration of the project.

MoveCorp also played a pivotal role as Transition and Decant Manager, with the primary project commencing in January 2012, and the relocation in 2015/16. 

MoveCorp services:

  • Relocation Strategy;

  • Relocation Logistics;

  • Coordination of all third party vendors (in excess of 50);

  • Delivery project management.

Australian Hearing and the Australian Hearing Hub

From 2011 to 2013, MoveCorp planned and managed the relocation of the three largest anchor tenants into the state of the art Australian Hearing Hub, at Sydney’s Macquarie Park:

  • Cochlear was the first organisation to relocate, with 800 staff and research & manufacturing laboratories

  • Australian Hearing then relocated approximately 150 staff, clinics and research laboratories

  • From its Faculty of Human Sciences, Macquarie University’s clinics and research facilities were also relocated to the Hearing Hub


In addition to relocation strategy, planning and implementation, MoveCorp’s scope of advice also included document management and storage solutions.

University of Melbourne

MoveCorp was engaged by the Faculty of Commerce and Economics to provide relocation planning, change management and storage reduction services for the relocation of 350 staff and students into their new building.


This relocation facilitated the consolidation of several disparate departments of the Faculty and promoted a ‘corporate’ style of work and learning activity base. The project was a huge success and the staff were happily working away in their new environment on the morning of day 1.

MoveCorp services on this project included:

  • Relocation Strategy;

  • Relocation Logistics;

  • Relocation Communications;

  • Coordination of all third party vendors;

  • Delivery project management;

  • Document Management and Storage Solutions. 

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