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dxc technologies

MoveCorp has worked with DXC Technologies for a number of years now, and under the former banner of Hewlett Packard prior to the merger. 

MoveCorp has delivered major projects for them in Melbourne, Canberra, Sydney and Perth. As a high tech company, security, sensitivity and militant programming was crucial. 


The relocations included laboratories, highly sensitive comms equipment and substantial furniture reuse. 

Red bull

Red Bull engaged MoveCorp in 2015 to provide a comprehensive storage audit and report at their Corporate Park in Alexandria, Sydney.

For Red Bull, MoveCorp documented the steps involved in a broader process to review:

  • Records management

  • Filing

  • Storage processes


MoveCorp also provided critical data to Red Bull’s architectural firm, Woods Bagot, to ensure all storage requirements were captured within the design of the individual fit outs and shared areas for Red Bull.


Ogilvy & Mather

Singleton Ogilvy & Mather engaged MoveCorp to plan and manage their relocation of 340 staff from five separate locations into four newly refurbished floors in Tower 2 at Sydney’s Darling Park.

Following CEO signoff of MoveCorp’s Relocation Strategy, our Relocation Manager was site 2-3 days a week to ensure each staff member’s needs for the relocation were identified and factored into the planning and sequencing of the move.

The largest move of the three stage process saw 280 staff moved over an 18 hour period, followed by moves of 45 staff, then 15 staff. All IT equipment, cartons and some furniture were also moved to the new location.

MoveCorp engaged and managed an IT contractor to disconnect, reconnect and test all IT equipment.


All aspect of the move were completed in the short time frame provided.

Adelaide Convention


As part of its redevelopment project, the Adelaide Convention Centre needed an analysis of its storage and workflow. Architectural firm, Woods Bagot, engaged MoveCorp to provide this analysis, to assist with the overall design of the main storage areas affected by the redevelopment.

In the second stage, ACC engaged MoveCorp directly to undertake an analysis of the current storage situation and to explore culling objectives.

MoveCorp’s analysis included:

  • Stock reduction planning

  • Operational considerations

  • Workflow analysis

  • Potential storage efficiencies


This analysis would be used to plan storage processes for several of the construction stages, where large portions of storage areas would be unavailable.

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