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Arthur Philip High School Parramatta

MoveCorp managed the relocations from three local schools into the innovative Arthur Phillip High School Tower building and across the road at Parramatta Primary School


With capacity to accommodate 2,000 students, the redeveloped school will be the first high-rise High School in NSW. Using modern, engaging learning spaces with adaptable configurations and technology that delivers mobility and flexibility, the new school will provide better opportunities for collaboration and personalised learning.



This project involved management of the relocation of Furniture, Fittings & Equipment (FF&E) from three separate existing schools:


  • the current Arthur Phillip High School, with approximately 1580 students, into the new Tower

  • Rowland Hassall School, with approximately 32 students, into the new Tower

  • O'Connell Street, currently accommodating some 552 Parramatta School students into the new Parramatta Day School at the same site.



Given the significance of the changes to the working and learning environment for staff and students, these moves will require skilled expertise in stakeholder consultation, and specialist advice on the impact of the FF&E on the interior design solution. MoveCorp's extensive experience in school relocation projects, and assisting clients with changes to more flexible workplaces, makes this appointment an ideal fit for NSW Department of Education.

Central Sydney Intensive English School

Reporting to Root Partnerships as the Project Manager, MoveCorp provided relocation management services and the end-to-end co-ordination and project management of this multi-site relocation project for the NSW Department of Education. Alexandria Park Community School (ACPS) is being redeveloped to cater to 1,000 primary school students and 1,200 secondary school students; the Cleveland Street Intensive English High School (CSIEHS) has been temporarily relocated to the APCS whilst its new home is under construction.


As part of the initial stage of this project, MoveCorp conducted a detailed storage & equipment audit of APCS, along with a stakeholder engagement piece with staff from both APCS and CSIEHS to identify individual and faculty equipment relocation requirements. 


The resultant findings were used to identify individual and faculty equipment relocation requirements. Initially, students, staff, furniture and equipment of ACPS were relocated to a newly constructed demountable building, then, once refurbishment was complete at the existing APCS site, they were relocated back to their original site. 


MoveCorp developed the logistics strategy, managed the removalist tender process, supervised the moves and provided post move support. Both schools were fully operational by the start of the new school year in January 2018.


ballina coast high school

Late in 2018, a purpose-built facility for future focused learning (FFL) in northern NSW was completed: the new Ballina Coast High School (BCHC). During the construction period, the school had been operating from the Southern Cross High School site.  


Whilst undergoing the relocation, the School was also making a major change as it transitioned to a Future Focused Learning (FFL) Environment in its new home. As specialists in both change management and relocation management, MoveCorp: 


  • Delivered a Relocation Management strategy to cover every aspect of the relocation from the Southern Cross site, for around 100 staff, IT equipment and all the educational resources and materials required. 


  • Designed and assisted with the implementation of a highly effective change management strategy.  This strategy was instrumental to the success of the new facility: although BCHS staff are familiar with and have been practising FFL, that was previously in a traditional classroom environment.  The move to the new space represented a major change in the way they would be operating.


  • Prepared a storage report, based on information gathered during a storage and filing audit, to ensure the most efficient use of the new facility. This report provided BCHC with the strategies and tools necessary to conduct a major storage reduction program. 


  • Managed the subsequent phase of relocations, involving the Ballina Distance Education facility.

ultimo public school

For the period January 2018 through to the end of 2019, Ultimo Public School was operating from the temporary pop-up school in Wentworth Park. That accommodation was purpose-built for the school whilst construction of its new permanent home was underway in nearby Quarry Street, Ultimo.


MoveCorp was appointed in the second half of 2019, when planning was underway for the school's relocation back to Quarry Street, to assisted with management of this important relocation project for the school's 300 students, their teachers, staff and the community. This project entailed 13 classrooms, the furniture, IT equipment and other educational materials.


MoveCorp utilised its experience in similar and recent relocation projects for schools in NSW, including Ballina Coast High School, Central Sydney Intensive High School, Alexandria Park Public School, Byron Bay Public School and the School for Distance Education.


Our knowledge of school operations, their special characteristics and the unique drivers for these projects, enabled us to deliver a fantastic result for Ultimo Public School's students, their teachers, staff and community

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