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Tweed valley hospital

To meet the current and future healthcare needs of the northern NSW region, NSW Health Infrastructure is developing the Tweed Valley Hospital, a new, state of the art facility due for completion in late 2023.

Once construction is completed, the Project Team requires the seamless relocation of all patients, staff and equipment from The Tweed Hospital into the new facility. An absolute requirement of this Project is a safe transition, which entails no risk to patient care and minimal disruption to usual operations.


The Relocation Strategy covers every possible aspect of the planned relocation and is being developed in consultation with the integrated project team and complex set of dozens of stakeholder individuals and groups. Continued patient safety and uninterrupted provision of services are at its very core.

Stage 2 of this Project implementation of the Relocation Strategy, due for completion in the first quarter of 2024.

logan Hospital

The Logan Hospital Expansion is one of the state’s largest ever hospital expansions. It will deliver a 48 per cent increase on the existing bed capacity, significantly increasing the size of the hospital to meet the needs of our community.

The expansion will be a significant transformation for Logan Hospital. The program of work includes adding addtional levels to an existing building, refurbishing parts of the original hospital buildings, as well as a brand new clinical services building.


Sonic Healthcare & Douglass Hanly Moir Pathology

Sonic Healthcare and Douglass Hanly Moir Pathology relocated 1200 staff, their laboratories, offices and warehouse across North Ryde into a purpose-built facility. The site had numerous 24/7 operations and a complex network of inter-departmental dependencies that strongly influenced the move sequence. A critical planning issue was to ensure the continued processing of over 19,000 patient specimens daily without experiencing downtime.


One of the largest challenges included planning and managing the relocation of the high volume of Patient samples, massive and complex haematology line, highly infectious TB laboratory and associated specimens, the relocation of the chain of custody drug storage and genetic testing specimens. In total, over 1000 items of laboratory equipment were relocated, along with 1100 pieces of furniture and 1200 lineal metres of documentation.   Core departments scheduled to move, included Cytology, Haematology, Biochemistry, Immunoserology, Molecular Biology, Histology, Microbiology and Genetics. The move was completed on time, within budget and with no disruption to laboratory workflow or service continuity

Gold Coast University Hospital

As part of its transition from general to teaching hospital, Gold Coast Hospital fully relocated its premises to a new, 750-bed facility, part of a $450 million scheme.

MoveCorp’s assistance with this project covered all areas of the hospital, and included provision of:

  • relocation planning and storage advice;

  • an extensive file, storage and materials handling review: recommendations on cost effective space efficient systems, focusing on standardised units, uniform storage codes and ease of sterilisation;

  • a Departmental Implementation Plan for every team; and 

  • major sub-strategies, including change management, specialist contractor scoping and commissioning input.

movecorp's first whole of hospital move


The Children's Hospital at Westmead

MoveCorp planned and managed the complex relocation of the Royal Alexandria Children’s Hospital when it moved to Westmead.  In 1995, this project was the largest relocation of a public hospital undertaken in NSW, involving over 1800 staff and 265 departments. The equipment relocated included complex clinical and diagnostic equipment and extensive coordination was required with departments to develop detailed departmental implementation plans. 

Given the nature of the important work of the hospital, it was essential that a full communications strategy was devised to reassure staff, patients and families.   “The move was achieved without incident. Despite considerable anxiety prior to the move, patients, parents and staff were extremely pleased with the efficient, smooth and confident way in which the move was managed.”  - Former Director of Commissioning N.C.H.

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