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Know your office utilisation now, and plan for the future

Updated: Feb 2, 2023

The office environment will emerge from the Covid19 pandemic looking different in many ways and importantly will provide businesses with a key opportunity to shape the new post pandemic normal. The workplace offers something that working from home cannot in providing real-time, physical, face to face social connection and collaboration.

New workspaces will provide settings for staff to come together but remain physically distanced, allowing bonding, mentoring and upskilling to happen safely and for idea creation and collaboration to come back to the fore. The workplace will allow clients to experience service safely in a face-to-face setting providing the full array of your client offering. It will enable wellbeing, cultural and community needs to be cohesive and aligned.

So how do you ensure your workplace strategy will enable the new normal for your business?

It will be critical to be an informed organisation that understands new workplace behaviours and space utilisation. Organisations will need to reform and review under-utilised spaces and determine how both formal and informal areas need to be improved to meet new requirements.

MoveCorp+ is a “Software as a Service” app for conducting workplace utilisation studies followed by a bespoke next day reporting service. This enables quick, efficient and accurate studies across your workplace. MoveCorp+ provides clear executive briefing reports measuring utilisation of entire buildings and their workspaces as well as team behaviours. (autonomous / collaborative / team).

MoveCorp+ will enable you to make informed decisions on:

  • new workplace design and tangible space provisions

  • under-utilised space re-tasking

  • reconfiguration and re-purposing

  • sub-letting opportunities

Talk to us to help you create a workplace strategy that facilitates the new normal in the best possible way.

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