Move Supervision Handbook

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Project Understanding

All projects are different and have different timeframes

Before the relocation can commence there are many pre move activities that take place including;

Crate Deliveries

Part of the planning process is working out how many crates are allocated to each staff memeber and also their teams for storage.

Crates are usually delivered 1 or 2 weeks prior to the move and distributed to the teams or left in breakout areas.

Skates are also delivered with the crates to ensure staff are not lifting heavy crates. Ideally the crates are to be stacked no more than 3-4 high however it depends on the organisation as many have different requirements.


Labels are delivered with the crates and usually given to the key project contact or left with the crate delivery.

The colour of the label represents either the move phase or the level in the building. The staff will write on the labels, their Name, Department and workstation / locker / cabinet / room number is allows the removalist to place the crates in the correct locations.

As a guide most removalist work with the moto: "If its not labelled it doesn't move"

Site Walkthrough

Usually a week or so before the move, the removalist Supervisor / Manager and MoveCorp Relocation Manager will complete a site tour to get familar with the new site. This is the opportunity to idenitfy access pathways etc if not done prior

Labelling Destinations

A day before or before the move commences, labelling the destination site is a key activity to ensure the move runs efficiently and on time. If staff and are static - meaning they are moving to a workstation, all workstations and offices will have unique number. the staff write the allocation workstation number on their labels and stick the labels of all items moving.

If staff are moving to agile working spaces - meaning they do not have specific workstation, they usually write on their labels their locker number.

Site Inductions

On the day of the move, if a site induction is required, all staff working on site will need to complete a verbal site induction. Sometimes, not often a online induction is required which is needs to be completed before the day of the move

Pre Move Support

Pre move support is an opportunity to support the staff moving with any questions or queries they might have or move any crates out of their way and support with packing activities. The amount of pre move staff required and how many hours before the move, depends on the size of the move.

Lift Access

Lift access is usually organised by the MoveCorp Relocation Manager with the onsite Building Manager or equivalent and differs with every Project.  If arranged a lift key can be used to lock off the lift for exclusive use during the relocation period. Lift padding if often required and also organised by the Building Manager or equivalent. 

Loading Docks

Loading Dock access will usually be arranged the MoveCorp Relocation Manager with the onsite Building Manager or equivalent prior the Move day and requirements will differ for each project

Access Passes

If access passes are required they will need to be arranged before Move day and assigned to removalist. MoveCorp will be in charge of returning all passes after the move is completed.

During the move, MoveCorp is in charge of supervising all move related activities and ensuring the move runs smoothly as possible.

Move Issues

All move related issues will need to raised to the appropriate person during the move


Any variation that is highlighted during the move will need to be agreed upon by the appropriate person before the variation works can be completed.


If an item is damaged before the move, a photo will need to be taken in its original position and identified to MoveCorp Site Supervisor and sent to the client.

If an item is damaged during the move, a photo will need to be taken of the damage and shown to the MoveCorp Site Supervisor to take action appropriately.

Sign off / Walkthrough

After the move has been completed and before the removalist leave site, MoveCorp and the client will complete a walkthrough to sign off all items have been placed correctly and all move related activities have been correctly completed.

If the client is not on site during or after the move has been completed for sign off it will need to be arranged prior to the move. 

Post Move Support

Post move support is usually completed the next business day and consist of Removalist and MoveCorp walking the floor/s to help with missing items,  IT issues or any other move related issues. During post move, encourage the removalist to collect and stack any empty crates that appear as staff unpack. If there is any destination labels still up in the new site, the removalist need to remove these during post move.


Command Centre

A command centre is not always required, however if it planned by the project team, the command centre will usually run on Post move day and sometimes longer is required. The command centre process can be run a couple of different ways and is up to the MoveCorp and the project team to supervise. A report of all issues will be sent to the client to manage after 1 week of the move.


Crate Collections

If removalist have capacity to collect crates after post move, this way it reduces clutter on the new floor.

Crate collections are usually organised for 1 or 2 weeks after the move, however depends on the agreement by the project team.

Pre Move Activities

Relocation Period

Post Move Activities