Employee Policy and Procedures



Thank-you for joining MoveCorp. We hope you find your employment at MoveCorp to be a rewarding experience and look forward to the opportunity of working together to create an even more successful company. Whether you are a new employee or an existing employee receiving an updated copy of our handbook (terms and conditions), we request that you read and review it to become familiar with the contents.

The handbook covers our company policies and answers to most of the general questions you may have, although it cannot cover every situation that may arise. If anything is unclear, please discuss the matter with the Company Director.

The primary objective is to provide you with a work environment that is conducive to your personal and professional growth. Our work environment values and encourages open communication. We wish you much success as, together, we face numerous challenges, opportunities and potential rewards. I extend to you my personal best wishes for your success and happiness at MoveCorp.

Yours Sincearly Amelia

Everyone is Different

MoveCorp's staff community are all working together however might be contracted under different arrangements.

Everyone has the right to ask for flexibility and various contractual arrangements, please respect that your colleague may not have the same arrangements as you do and may work different hours each day. The arrangements include;

  • Casual hourly or daily rate

  • Part time

  • Full time 

  • Consultant / contractor invoicing for project work

The below handbook is mostly relevant to all employed staff however includes handy information and expectations of performance for contractors. Please note, your specific contract may superceed items below.


The policies of the Employee Handbook are to be considered as guidelines and are applicable to Australian Employees. MoveCorp designed this handbook to help you get acquainted with the general terms and conditions when working for us and to ensure consistent application. MoveCorp intends for this handbook to serve as a guide only and it is not all-inclusive. The policies and practices in the handbook may be amended, modified or changed at any time, at the sole discretion of MoveCorp, and depending upon the circumstances of a given situation, actions from MoveCorp may vary from the written policy.

You are expected to read, understand and comply with the terms and conditions set out in the handbook. The handbook is not intended to constitute a contract of employment, either expressed or implied. The Employee handbook is the property of MoveCorp and is intended for your use and reference as an employee of MoveCorp. Circulation of this handbook outside MoveCorp is prohibited.

Business Attire

The standard dress for MoveCorp staff on a normal working day, on a client site is strictly business attire. No casual dress, specifically no blue/ripped Jeans OR fashion sneakers/trainers even when our clients have relaxed Fridays. All staff must have a well groomed appearance (eg females long hair tidy and men clean shaven). The goal would be to dress one level up from our clients appearance.

Move day dress may include black jeans (not blue and no rips), and fashion sneakers and in most instances the MoveCorp branded polo.


Exception to this is in the Brookvale office, where relaxed business attire is acceptable. A business suit must be kept in the office, or your car in case of last minute need to visit a client.

Company Ethics & Beliefs

Equal Employment Opportunity

MoveCorp maintains a strong commitment to equal employment opportunity for all employees and applicants. MoveCorp manages its employees without regard to race, religious beliefs, gender, sexual orientation, disability, age or marital status, pregnancy and pregnancy-related conditions, genetic information or other factors protected by the law.


Work Eligibility​

All employees in MoveCorp would have provided proof during the recruitment process that they are eligible to work in Australia. Should this eligibility be revoked at any time, please inform the Company Director.

Employee Responsibility & Accountability​

At all times employees are expected to perform their duties to the best of their abilities in line with their job profiles their job description, and any advances in responsibilities and/or promotions agreed to by the employee and the Company Director during the employment period.


Employment Status​

Your employment contract outlines your terms of employment and these are in line with the Fair Work Act in Australia and the National Code of Conduct for the Construction Industry.



MoveCorp will provide all new employees with an induction over the first few weeks of employment. This may include systems overviews, visits to clients sites and shadowing other employees to ‘learn the ropes’. This process is often over a  period of time when tasks are relevant.


Working Hours

Each normal working day

Unless otherwise negotiated on commencement of employment and within contract, the working day at MoveCorp starts at no later than 9am and closes no earlier than 5pm Monday to Friday. Your working day consists of a minimum of 9hours including a 1hr total break therefore you may choose to arrive at 8am therefore leaving no earlier than 5pm, or you may choose to start work at 9am leaving no earlier than 6pm.


These core hours are to enable consistent available communication to our clients, suppliers, other MoveCorp employees and management, however gives you some flexiblilty with arrival time. Lunch breaks are for 1hr between 11.30am and 2.30pm however this can not be accrued and missing lunch does not necessarily mean leaving early.

On some occasions employees will be required to work late to meet deadlines, or to travel interstate after hours. This is an employment expectation and does not constitute time off in lieu. Time off in lieu is specifically granted for after hours additional time supervising project delivery (relocations) see below section Relocation Supervision.

MoveCorp employees are often offered the opportunity to attend after hours industry functions and events. MoveCorp will refund the cost of the event, and the transport home via taxi if it is after 9pm. This is viewed as mutually beneficial time and does not constitute time off in lieu, nor is it chargable if you are a casual employee.  


Flexibility to working hours on a permanent basis must be agreed to by the Company Director and wage will be pro-rated accordingly (if working hours are less).

The nature of our project business requires staff to work autonomously both on client sites and in office –the employee is to notify the business manager should they require a temporary change to normal working hours on any one day – this applies to both personal, or business requirements.

Relocation Supervision

Weekend work facilitating the success of a relocation project is an employment requirement at MoveCorp. For  employees time off in lieu is provided hour for hour for any relocation facilitation commencing after 5.30pm on a Friday evening, or over weekends. If you are permanent casual and keep timesheets it is still expected that you take time off to recuperate. 

Time off in lieu should be taken whenever possible within two weeks of accruing it. This is to ensure employees are rested and functional. Time off in lieu is encouraged to be taken the morning of a large relocation (ie commence work at 12noon) while another MoveCorp employee supports the pre move assistance with the client.

MoveCorp encourages the deployment of a move supervisor/s over move weekends particularly during the long hours of the evening to ensure the project manager is not continuously working double shifts.

Casual hourly or daily rate staff recorded hours commence on arrival to site - not travel to and from home. 

For any late relocation shifts, dinner can be claimed as an expense up to the value of $25. 

Place of Work

MoveCorp has three normal places of work for its staff. They are to be prioritised as follows;

1. At client site, anywhere within Sydney CDB and suburbs (or interstate). Staff are to arrange own transport to and from client sites in accordance with section ‘Travel Expenses’. (to follow)

2. At the Brookvale office

3. At other locations as agreed to with management

MoveCorp does not support regular working from home arrangements. This is for the simple reason that we are so often not in the office, it provides a chance to touch base and collaborate and support each other.

Dedicated project: should you be dedicated to one project and working on that clients site for a period of time, this is known as your principal place of work for this project period and travel to and from home is not claimable.



Xero “Expense Forms” need to be completed by the 24th of each calendar month for approval and reimbursement of phone or travel expenses.

All expenses should be allocated to a Project Name where applicable.

Any large expenses can be claimed and paid within 48hours.



MoveCorp provide staff with a standard issue Dell laptop which we know is reliable and performs. A staff member may choose to BYO laptop if they prefer a different brand / model / size / weight. This BYO laptop must be a PC, not a MAC.


Mobile Phone

Staff are to provide their own mobile phone and if employed to work for over 30hours per week, staff bill MoveCorp monthly for 50% of the mobile phone plan cost by attaching the front page of the bill into the expenses section of Xero. Mobile phones are also to be used for hotspot internet connections and MoveCorp will re-imburse 50% of the data cost on the plan. This is not relevant if phone use is allowed for in your contract arrangement.

Business Travel Expenses (local, interstate and international)


Personal Motor Vehicle (PMV):

Within Greater Sydney:

Staff who provide their PMV for business are to claim via the ATO in their annual tax returns. 

Wages are reflective of car ownership. 

Car Hire:

Car hire can be arranged for longer journeys out of Greater Sydney or interstate requirements.

Car Parking:


Car parking expenses can not be claimed in Brookvale, there are two shared staff spaces which are on a first come first serve basis. 

Sydney CBD

CBD car parking expenses are not permitted unless prior agreement has been sought on a case by case basis, it is expected that public transport is used to go to the CBD (where parking is too expensive to justify).

Car parking at dedicated project sites

If you are travelling for a irregular meeting or site based task you may claim parking (outside of CBD)​

If you are based with this client for a fixed term you are not able to claim parking as it is a principal place of work

Other travel:

MoveCorp will reimburse any train/bus/occasional taxi fares required for travel in-between location during the working day and on the way to a client site if it is outside inner city suburbs. Travel to/from home to Inner Sydney, CBD or Brookvale is not claimable.


Interstate Business Travel:


All interstate travel expenses will be paid by MoveCorp, either by company visa card charge, or claiming of receipt via monthly expense system.

Airport transfers:

Public transport to and from airport/s is to be taken for all available circumstances.


Shall be booked via the MoveCorp travel agent / or their portal Spencer travel. you will be set up on this if you have a need for interstate travel.

Hotel accommodation:

Accommodation should be booked in 4* rated hotels, or 3* serviced apartments in the range of $180 - $240 max per night and should be booked by the MoveCorp Office Manager on the Company AMEX. If staff make private accommodation arrangements a sum of $70 per overnight is claimable.

All meals can be claimed via expenses within reasonable prices.

The Business Manager can approve the hire of a car to support an “Away from Home” project. The car hired is to fall into the small car contingency and shall be obtained as the “best deal” from the airport rental companies. All other transport (bus/ tram/ taxi) utilised during short stay away from home will be re-imbursed by MoveCorp via employee monthly expense system.

Long term or international travel living away from home expenses:

Will be negotiated case by case with the individual employee bprior to commencement of travel.

Business Travel Insurance

MoveCorp has a business travel insurance policy which covers all employees while on business travel. He policy is with QBE.

Workers Compensation

MoveCorp carries Workers Compensation insurance in accordance with the relevant Work Safe Australian and state legislation to protect you in the event of an on-the-job injury.

Employee Records and rights to Privacy

MoveCorp will comply with requirements of the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) and any applicable state legislation regarding privacy when dealing with personal and medical information of its employees.


Pay Cycle

Fulltime Employees receive payment monthly in arrears and will be made to you by direct debit into your designated bank account by the last day of each month (30th or 31st of each month). Part time or casual employees are on a fortnightly timesheet / payment cycle however only following submission of Xero time sheets.


MoveCorp recommends the utilisation of the employees existing superannuation account. Should the employee not wish to use this or not have one MoveCorp can provide the employees with options.



Public holidays

MoveCorp observes the respective public holidays in each state which are typically New Year’s Day, Australia day, Easter Good Friday, Anzac Day, Labour Day, Queens Birthday, Christmas Day and Boxing Day with some states also having an additional one that is state specific.. All permanent employees are eligible for time off in leiu if they are contracted to work on the day the public holiday falls.

Annual Leave

Full or Part Time employees: MoveCorp provides paid time away from work in the form of annual leave. This is regulated by the Fair Work Act 2009 (Cth). Under this act, full time employees are entitled to four weeks (20 days) paid leave for each completed year of service with MoveCorp. Part-time employees receive a pro-rata proportion of this leave entitlement according to the ordinary hours worked. Annual leave must be taken at a time agreed with the Company Director according to business and project needs.

Permanent Casual (anyone logging xero timesheets under a flexi contract arrangement): You are also entitled to Annual Leave and 4-6 weeks per year is acceptable under this arrangement. Your hourly rate is leave loaded, therefore any time away from work is not paid. 

All employees must remain available during leave to answer urgent questions in regards to the work that they have handed over for the leave period. All efforts will be made by MoveCorp to avoid having to contact you - however under some circumstances it is necessary to ensure other team members are not under major pressure due to your work, and clients service levels are maintained. 

Christmas Closure

MoveCorp will close for the 10 days (approximately) period over Christmas. Any days that are not a public holiday will be taken as annual leave.

Long Service Leave (LSL)

Employees in Australia are entitled under State legislation to additional leave after completing a specified period of continuous service with one employer. This is a state/territory based entitlement.

Sick, Personal, Carers and Compassionate Leave

Sick and careers leave is regulated by the Fair Work Act 2009 (Cth) which can be amended by the government at any time. In 2013, Permanent full-time employees are entitled to 10 days sick, sick and/or carers leave that accrues progressively during a year of service according to your ordinary hours of work.

Carers leave and Compassionate leave are defined as leave taken to provide care or support to a member of your immediate family or household who requires care or support due to a personal illness, injury, an unexpected emergency or in the event of death and having to attend a funeral of an immediate family member.  of immediate family

Compassionate or carerers leave for friends or associates not within immediate family is to be taken as annual leave.

Maternity & Parental leave

MoveCorp follows the parental rights under the national scheme in force under the Fair Work Act which can be amended by the government at any time.

Administering Leave

Any application for leave requires a reasonable notice period and Company Director approval. The employee is to;

 - Advise Vanessa Simmons of the leave and she will seek director approval

- On approval employee is to submit leave application into Xero

- On approval, the employee is to send a calendar invite to all MoveCorp staff ‘(your name) on leave’ (in free time).


Performance Reviews

MoveCorp does not implement a formal performance review process. As a small company a more personal approach and continuous feedback will be provided by MoveCorp, and we encourage the employee to openly discuss any concerns, issues or ideas with the Company Director.

Work Health & Safety

General Employee Safety & Rules

MoveCorp makes every effort to comply with the Work Health and Safety (WHS) laws that operate in various Australian jurisdictions and seeks to ensure the health and safety of employees, clients, visitors, tradespeople and suppliers who visit the workplace.

If you are ever in doubt about how to safely perform a task, it is your responsibility to ask a Business Manager for assistance. Any suspected unsafe conditions and all injuries that occur on the job must be reported immediately to the Company Director.

Working Safely

It is everyone’s responsibility to ensure safe work methods are used.

Manual Handling

Follow the correct manual handling procedures when lifting, shifting and moving heavy items in the office. For further information refer to the National Code of Practice for Manual handling.


First Aid

An office First Aid kit is available from the office manager. Please contact the MoveCorp Office Manager if it is required.


It is difficult to find a temperature setting that all employees will find comfortable. MoveCorp relys on its building management air conditioning contractor to manage the temperatures. If you are uncomfortable please let the office manager know.

Office Security

It is really important that every employee appreciates the part they have to play in MoveCorp’s security.

If you loose your office keys, please report this immediately to the Company Director. Computer Passwords must be kept secret and safe at all times.

Emergency Evacuation

If you are advised to evacuate any MoveCorp places of work you should:

Stop Work immediately

Contact outside emergency response (if needed)

Walk to the nearest exit

Exit quickly but do not run. Do not stop for personal belongings.

Proceed in an orderly fashion to the school yard across Darley Road. Be present and accounted for during roll call. Do not re-enter the building until instructed to do so.

On client sites, abide by their evacuation procedures.

Fire Prevention/Fire Alarms

Sources of combustible materials (eg, printers and computers) should be separated to avoid potential fires. Please familiarise yourself with the location of fire extinguishers and water hoses and ensure they remain unobstructed at all times. In case of a fire and/or fire alarm, follow the evacuation procedures.



Neatness and good housekeeping promote efficiency. You are to keep your work area neat and orderly as well as common areas such as the staff kitchen, as it is a required safety precaution.

Do not leave materials and boxes or other objects on the floor which may cause others to trip or fall. Keep doors, fire extinguishers and exits clear at all times. Please dispose of rubbish into appropriate bins and confidential information should be put into a lockable shredder bag.  Always be aware of good health, safety and hygiene standards and report anything that requires maintenance or needs replacing, to the Office Manager.

Smoke-Free Workplace

It is the policy of MoveCorp that tobacco-based products be entirely prohibited throughout our sites.

MoveCorp hopes to retain good people. However, employment with MoveCorp is for no specified time, regardless of length of service. Just as you are free to terminate your employment with us at any time, we reserve the right to end our employment relationship with you, with or without cause, for any reason not prohibited by law.


MoveCorp expects that you will give four weeks written notification in the event of resignation as stated in your employment contract. Anyone leaving MoveCorp will be given the opportunity for an exit interview during their last week to gain feedback on job content, the company culture, the quality of management and the reasons for leaving. Employees are also asked to fill in an exit review sheet and asked to declare that they have returned all MoveCorp property – both physical, and Intellectual (files and documents).