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MoveCorp provides services to end clients, design teams, and head contractors in Change Management, Relocation Management, Storage, and Workplace Planning support. 

Founded in 1989 MoveCorp's clients are across all major industries both Australia-wide and internationally. 



MoveCorp's clients know not to leave the finish line to chance

About Us

MoveCorp is an internationally recognised specialist project consultancy firm with unrivalled expertise in workplace change and relocation management projects, occupancy management and logistics & storage solutions projects.

With clients across Australia & internationally and over 34 years’ of experience, we have a brilliant track record of delivering workplace transition projects for clients of every size and type, in every industry sector imaginable.


Our forte lies in strategic planning and high-level consultation. We focus on building a thorough understanding of the project context, its stakeholders and its key drivers, equally important as the deliverables & the details.


The MoveCorp team is made up of seriously great project consultants, dedicated to helping you achieve your workplace goals. Flexible, professional and collaborative, all MoveCorp team members work seamlessly with yours to deliver an excellent result.


With a proven ability to deliver projects successfully, MoveCorp’s expertise will allow you to continue running your organisation, and to enjoy your workplace improvements.


MoveCorp Consulting 

1300 429 747 

Head Office 

Office 303

20 Dale Street Brookvale NSW 2100 

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