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How is your organisation returning to the workplace during and after the current pandemic? Does your organisation have a policy on this or is it accepted at team level to make decisions on where and how to work together? 

How is this impacting your property needs?


Are you confident that any changes to real estate and fit-out will accommodate the workforce needs now and also into the future?

MoveCorp can provide clients with clarity and confidence in decision making by combining our utilisation study service, with our workplace change services - clear data backing up the strategy of designing for your workplace change. 

You will receive:

  • One week utilisation study data - are people arriving and staying, arriving and leaving. Are people isolated at desks or is face to face collaboration still alive?

  • Recommendations report focusing on a workplace operations model and how this may contribute to property decisions and design briefs 

  • Future focused report outlining workplace operation models to be flexible with growing needs of teams and staff as the pandemic subsides

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