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MoveCorp’s specialist Storage and Logistics Solutions team has the know-how to provide you with the best possible storage design and specifications for your current and future spaces.

We work in partnership with our clients, architects and other third parties to ensure that your storage project deliverables are met. Right from the concept and feasibility stages, throughout the design development, storage procurement, delivery and installation stages, we love a storage challenge and can add value to your project.

Our team regularly provides innovative, cost-saving solutions to unusual and critical storage requirements such as weaponry stores, museum and art collection stores, aircraft tool stores, state libraries and archives, police evidence facilities, furniture stores, pharmaceutical and motor vehicle stores. And offices too!

MoveCorp leaves nothing to chance and will ensure delivery of a future-proofed, efficiently operating facility.

Logistics Planning

How to get the most cost effective utilisation of space and workflow in your office, warehouse, manufacturing, cultural space or other facility?

MoveCorp’s thorough understanding of specialised environments means we can help you develop methodologies and facilities within the context of the overall master plan. We know how to collect and analyse data on traffic levels, pick rates, MHE movements.  We use this data to provide strategic, creative and practical advice on access, egress, security, environmental control, horizontal and vertical movement, materials handling, OH&S, content arrangement and all logistical aspects of your facility.

MoveCorp’s expertise will bring you insights, innovation and efficiency to the operation and conservation of important repositories and collections.



Master Planning


MoveCorp offers a detailed and independent consultancy and design service for warehouse and storage areas that focuses upon the storage system, its design, layout, operational requirements and associated materials handling equipment.

MoveCorp’s extensive experience allows us to provide guidance on improving the efficiency, effectiveness, capacity, workflow, materials handling and logistics of your warehouse facility.


MoveCorp provides unbiased procurement advice and storage specifications to ensure that our clients receive best value throughout.

MoveCorp helps clients explore the design potential of storage and warehouse spaces - receive maximum benefit from the new facility from day one!

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